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In life there are many paths to follow, but why go on the well-trodden? With Foreign Perspectives, I aim to give readers my thoughts on a variety of cultural and historical topics they may otherwise not encounter in their daily lives.

Whether on overlooked moments in World War II, underrated video games, or the best pizza places in Kyoto, I intend to deliver eclectic pieces that are never dull or about overdone subjects.

The impetus for starting this page came from the realization that on my Twitter page I tend to post about a variety of topics which seem to be of interest to quite a number of people (over 40,000 followers and counting!), yet the ephemeral nature of social media means that my detailed threads are gone into the algorithmic ether as soon as they’re posted.

When it comes to topics that I’m passionate about, I plan on giving them the full write-ups they deserve here. There will be articles on films I feel should have greater attention, pieces that explore historical events forgotten by most, and maybe even the occasional spicy hot take on politics or social issues relevant to my field of international relations.

In the end, I hope that there will be something here for everyone and I thank you for taking the time to even read this far. Join me as we journey into uncharted waters at Foreign Perspectives.

About Me

Oliver Jia is a PhD researcher specializing in Japan-North Korea relations based in Kyoto, Japan.

He is a regular contributor to The Spectator and the North Korea-focused specialist site NK News. He has also made the occasional podcast appearance discussing his work.

Follow him on Twitter @OliverJia1014

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Kyoto-based American researcher on Japan-North Korea relations. Pieces on film, culture, history and more.